Awan Textile


In 1985, in Faisalabad, the Awan family founds the AWAN TEXTILE MILLS that is now specialized in wholesale trade of textile products. At the beginning of the 90s, the company leaves the traditional market in order to strengthen itself in the Great Distribution and in the Great Organized Distribution. In the last 15 years AWAN has become a reference partner for the main national and international Groups.AWAN is now led from the historical management and a young and dynamic team. They both attempt to operate in order to satisfy the various requirements of the market.

Our Task


We tried our best to understand the ideas and requirement to its core upto company desire. We gave them the best solution with a unique-look to give them a competitive edge. Our talented and experienced, designers and developers developed software that radiate creativity and originality from each and every aspect, while maintaining a strong level of functionality, sophistication, professionalism and business sense.

Skills Involved


  • Design
  • HTML & CSS
  • HTaccess
  • CMS
  • Amendments