Dine In


Dine-in mission has been to connect people like you to all the leading restaurants and cafes in Dubai and soon in the UAE. May it be simple breakfast or brunch, lunch or dinner we simply deliver from every restaurant in Dubai reaching out to serve and bring the best to you. In a nutshell we offer convenient online ordering, quick pickup and delivery services to all our customer’s and also have an absolute dedication to gratify and keep our customers for life. We are committed to deliver your favorite food from your favorite eateries right at your door step.

Our Task


We tried our best to understand the ideas and requirement to its core upto company desire. We gave them the best solution with a unique-look to give them a competitive edge. Our talented and experienced, designers and developers developed software that radiate creativity and originality from each and every aspect, while maintaining a strong level of functionality, sophistication, professionalism and business sense.

Skills Involved


  • HTML & HTML5
  • CSS
  • Javascript & Jquery
  • PHP
  • Mysql